Sarvnaam - Pronoun In Hindi Language

Sarvnaam (Pronoun In Hindi Language)

A. Types

Pronouns in Hindi language are of five types:

  1. Purush vachak sarvnaam (Personal pronoun) - These are of three kind :
    • Uttam Purush (First Person) e.g. mae (I), hum(we), mera (my),  humara (our)
    • Madhyam Purush (Second Person) e.g. tum(you), tera(your)
    • Anya Purush (Third person) e.g. vah (he), uska (his)
  2. Nischay vachak sarvnaam (Demonstrative pronoun) - Point to a definite person or object. e.g. yeh (this), veh (that), ye(these), ve (those)
  3. Anischay vachak sarvnaam (Indefinite pronoun) - Do not point to a definite person or object. e.g. koi (someone),  kuchh (something)
  4. Sambandh vachak sarvnaam (Relative pronoun) - Relate one word to another. e.g. jo (who), jiski (whose), jaisa (like)
  5. Prashna vachak sarvnaam (Interrogative pronoun) - Used for interrogation. e.g. kaun (who), kya (what), kisko (whom)

B. Roop of Sarvnaam:

Similar to declension of nouns, a pronoun also has two Vachan; and eight Karak (case).